Types of Summer Courses in the United Kingdom: What, Where and Why

Summer courses in UK are represented by a wide range of programs of different types and contents, which are consistent with the curriculum of English high schools. There are several available options for foreign attendees:

  1. General academic schools — students deeply study various school subjects: math, biology, chemistry, physics, economics, etc. This category includes Oxford and Cambridge summer schools, aiming to prepare for admission to elite British universities.
  2. Schools of pre-university training — these courses are designed for high-school students.
  3. Summer preparation for IB and A-levels — they are created both for additional preparation for exams and increasing academic results in basic school subjects.
  4. English+ sports — this is a great option for high-school students who want to actively spend their holidays and improve their language level.
  5. Summer preparation for studying at a boarding school — this is an option for those students whose parents are interested in having their child in a prestigious English school.
  6. Other courses — they may offer a wide range of programs in various areas related to certain specialities.


Best Schools for Summer Courses in UK

Education in England is one of the highest quality in the world, as evidenced by numerous ratings and studies. Even a short-term course will help a pupil to learn and assess the level of their knowledge in comparison with peers from other countries. Immersion in the English-speaking environment contributes to the rapid improvement of language skills even if schools are not aimed at language training. In this regard, we recommend paying your attention to the following institutions:

  1. Oxford Royal Academy St. Peter’s College; 
  2. Stonar School;
  3. Brighton College;
  4. Royal Holloway Summer;
  5. Chelsea Independent College;
  6. Reddam House School Berkshire;
  7. Eton College. 

Britain attracts visitors from all over the world, so summer schools are a great opportunity to make acquaintances with peers from the most remote corners of the planet. The atmosphere is filled not only with the study but also with a variety of leisure activities: from creative clubs on the school grounds to excursions to the most famous cities of Misty Albion.


In Conclusion

Studying in a summer school will allow your kid to adapt to the conditions of education in England and can be a good test period before long-term studying.  All students who attend summer courses in UK are provided with accommodation in student residences located in the educational buildings. Therefore, do not hesitate to choose the option based on your requirements and arrange your child the best vacations ever. Good luck!

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