Top 10 Outstanding Boarding Schools for Foreign Students to Study IB

Boarding schools in UK have gained worldwide recognition due to high-quality and comprehensive education. In such institutions, children live and study all year round, returning home only for vacation. The opportunity to combine good academic preparation with music, art and various sports is attractive for many Englishmen as well as for foreigners.


Top-10 Boarding Schools in UK

The main goal of these institutions is the comprehensive development of children. School subjects and extracurricular activities are organically combined in a single program, which has been formed over decades and has passed the test of time.

Our list of best boarding schools in UK for international students is completed based on the results of the IB program. Please check it below:

  1. Rossall School; 
  2. Scarborough College;
  3. Taunton School;
  4. Sidcot School; 
  5. Wellington College;
  6. Sevenoaks School;
  7. Gresham’s School;
  8. Malvern College;
  9. Windermere School;
  10. St. Edmund’s School Canterbury. 

As you can find out, most private institutions in England are located outside major cities. Remoteness from the bustle of the city allows providing children with a calm and safe atmosphere for learning and living, as well as compactly accommodate all the necessary infrastructure of the school (swimming pools, golf courses, cricket and football pitches, art studios, school theatre, library, etc.). Boarding schools in UK usually have a good infrastructure that allows children to live a full life within the institution.


Old Traditions in Motion

England is one of the few countries where there are still schools with separate education for boys and girls. It is believed that such a system allows children to concentrate more on their studies and not be distracted by daily communication with the opposite sex. Supporters of separate education also say that in such institutions, children grow up more confident and even avoid the appearance of some complexes of the teenage period. Therefore, many UK private schools maintain this tradition.

The main argument of supporters of co-education is that children should grow up in a natural environment and get used to communicating with the opposite sex from childhood.

In any case, the majority of private schools in England, occupying the first lines of ratings (including the famous Eaton, Harrow, Badminton) are selective schools. Children are not deprived of communication with the opposite sex there, because schools regularly organize joint sports and cultural events.


In Conclusion

Many foreign graduates of boarding schools agree that studying there ensures 100% immersion in the English-speaking environment, has a good effect on academic performance and makes it possible to gain communication experience in the team. So, this is probably a good solution for your child.

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