The Best Age for Sending Your Child to English Residential School

Every year, thousands of young schoolchildren arrive in England for educational purposes. However, there is also a question – why the UK? The answer is obvious – because studying at a British boarding school also means mastering native English and getting a diploma of the highest world standard. Moreover, after graduation from any UK school, such a student gets a competitive advantage when continuing their education at the university. So, what is the proper age for sending your kid to study in the UK? Let’s find the answers together.


The UK Educational System

English basic education involves teaching children from 2 to 17 years old:

  • From 2 to 5 y.o. kids study at pre-school;
  • Primary school is available for kids at the age of 5–11 y.o.;
  • The secondary school teaches children of 12–16 y.o.

The eligible age in various parts of the country is slightly different.

Full-cycle schools include all three stages of the above mentioned. There are educational institutions specializing only in primary or secondary education. Junior schools are relatively the same, which cannot be said about senior schools – they can be co-educational, grammar, technical, modern and involve learning by various programs, including A-level, Foundation, and International Baccalaureate.


British Boarding School

The fundamental difference between the British educational system and other European ones is the widely developed system of residential schools where kids not only study but also live throughout the school year. Representatives of the British elite prefer the best British residential schools in which famous politicians and scientists have been brought up for centuries.

It is also important for foreigners to know that a place in the best residential schools needs to be booked in advance. For kids from foreign states, no more than 15% of the places are allocated. At the same time, this 15% cannot be given completely to Chinese or American children – the national composition must be balanced and the predominance of any particular nation is unacceptable.


The Best Age to Start Studying in England

There are schools that are ready to accept schoolchildren from 3-5 years. Of course, this is ridiculous and even dangerous for your little kid because knowledge does not replace the stress of leaving the family.

The optimal age at which the child should be sent to a British boarding school is considered 11–13 years old when the secondary school begins. In addition, the teenage years are the best for adaptation and integration in a foreign country. This is the time when children finally find themselves as individuals when contact with parents stops to be the main purpose of life.

Actually, at this age, interests, hobbies, and friends occupy the first place, while self-motivation arises and strengthens. To set a goal for a son or daughter to get high-quality education in Britain at that age means to motivate a teenager for serious achievements and set them the correct guidelines for future life.


In Conclusion

In any case, these are just general recommendations and in each particular case, one should consider the personality of a particular child. If a boy has an active social life from early childhood, it is obvious that there will be no problems with the adaptation of such a student. Remember that this choice can determine the future of your kid, so make it consciously. Good luck!

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