Rating of the best student summer programs in Great Britain

We would like to call your attention to the leading positions in the ranking of summer schools and summer programs in UK. Choose the best summer school to prepare for middle-level education in Britain.


St Bede’s School

During the summer, the school organizes the educational process for students aged 12-17. St Bede’s School is located in Upper Dicker, in the heart of Sussex, near Eastbourne. This educational institution is located in a former country estate on 80 acres of its own territory.


King’s College London 

There is a school for high school students that operates at one of the most prestigious universities in London. It is designed for teenagers who have decided on their future profession. You can study in one of two shifts: 

  • from mid to late July;
  • from late July to early August.


Academic summer

This educational organization offers modern and intensive classes in preparation for a high school under the A-Level or IB programs. They are designed for students aged 15-18. You can study in three English cities: London, Bristol, and Cambridge. 


Bromsgrove School

This educational institution offers several wonderful educational areas to choose from. Choose what suits you and immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of a British education. You can choose any of the 2 types of courses:

  • Summer Vacation Course

These classes are designed for students of all ages. The main focus of this program is on the study of the English language: grammar, vocabulary, communication, and presentations. Training sessions are held 15 hours a week.

  • Academic Preparation Course

This is preparation for studying at an English boarding school. It is designed to immerse the student in the British education system. In addition to studying English, it is expected to study basic and selective school subjects.


St. Clare’s Oxford

Preparation for the IB course at the School of International Education has a long history. It began to be held at St. Clare’s College since 1977. These summer pre-study courses are designed for students who plan to study under IB programs and expect to receive higher education in the UK.


Wellington College

At the prestigious Wellington Boarding School, there are English courses that are coupled with sports and creative activities. The college administration offers students a special training scheme: “English + sports.” Classes are held from July to mid-August.


Embassy Summer Cambridge

For those who are looking for the best summer programs in UK, we would like to suggest taking summer courses at this educational institution. This summer school is designed for students over 18 years old. The program includes several courses in various fields: from history and art to science and entrepreneurship.

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