Top 3 Popular Pre-University Programs to Enrol in 2020

Every responsible parent is wondering about sending his child to study in UK. However, it’s not enough to decide that your child should continue his education in Britain. This decision is followed by a large preparatory work. You need to study the conditions and programs of dozens of English schools and choose the one in which your child can reveal his potential in full. What are these programs and how to apply for them — let’s find out together.


Popular Programs to Study in UK

If your kid has already finished his studying in secondary school, it is probably a good time to consider further prospects. First of all, you need to be well aware of the English educational system and in the types of exams. Various types of them are required for different purposes:

  1. International foundation — this preparatory program lasts 12 months and finishes with an exam. Before the test, a potential student studies basic school subjects and English. If you can get the highest score, you can count on the admission to the desired university.
  2. A-Level — this preparation course lasts two years. During this time, the student manages not only to prepare for exams but also to select a future speciality. The successfully completed test helps to understand the level of preparation of the candidate for studying at the university.
  3. International Baccalaureate (IB) — this preparatory program lasts two years. The course ends with a special exam consisting of six subjects. The owner of the IB diploma can enter any British university or choose the institute in one of 49 other countries of the world.

As we can see, each of the programs has its own pros and cons. That is why the choice of the course of study should be built following the needs and skills of the child. Another factor when choosing a training program may be its main goal — entering a prestigious university, getting an excellent education, or revealing the personal potential of a teenager.


How to Apply?

The admission process to any of the above-listed programs includes the following steps:

1) Choosing an educational institution (School, College or University);

2) Filling the application form that includes:

  • Age of the student: 16-19 years old;
  • GCSE results of passing 5 exams, with marks not lower than C, or the alternative certificate for foreigners;
  • English proficiency level: IELTS 5.5 and higher;
  • Motivational letter (optional);
  • Recommendations (optional).

3) Getting approval.

The preparatory programs are crucial for foreign students and not only in academic terms. During this time, they get acquainted with the traditions and culture of the country, learn more about the features of the British educational system, the principles and methods of teaching, improve their knowledge of the English language and pass the exams necessary for entering the university.

Applicants prepare for entering the university by studying subjects, doing homework, learning to work independently and in groups. Finally, they decide on a particular university in which they would like to continue their studies.


In Conclusion

There is no universal answer about which program is the best one. Approach this issue individually and follow the recommendations of experts. Finally, these programs are the shortest way to universities in the UK for those who have not previously studied at British schools and colleges but want to get higher education in England. 

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