Top 8 Schools to Enroll in A-Level Program in the United Kingdom

The well-known American portal US News & World Report put England into first place in the ranking of world educational systems. The schools UK are built in such a way that every student can fully reveal his potential, and also learn to form his own point of view. At school, English pupils start realizing what profession they like. So, by the time of entering the university, every British schoolboy isn’t just ready for student life, but already knows what exactly he is going to do in the future.

This approach attracts not only Brits: every year English schools accept about 300 thousand foreign students. If you want to enter a prestigious English university, it is better to start with secondary education.


Top-8 Secondary Schools UK

At the age of 11, a new period of life of British schoolchildren begins, which is called a secondary school. From 14 y.o., pupils begin to concentrate on those subjects that are useful for their future speciality, and also start their preparation for GCSE exams. After that, every student makes a choice — to continue their studies or not.

Those planning to enrol in a British university enrol in the two-year A-Level program. This is a serious preparation, where every student focuses only on 3-4 subjects that are useful for future specialization. The results of the program’s exams will determine which university the prospective student will enter.

To enrol in the A-level program, one can consider the following educational institutions:

  1. King’s College St Michael’s England;
  2. Sidcot School;
  3. Earlscliffe College;
  4. Rochester Independent College;
  5. Bellerbys College London;
  6. David Game College London;
  7. Bosworth Independent College; 
  8. Abbey College Manchester.

As you can see, British students have been preparing to enter university for almost 13 years. During this time, they manage to become fully independent and responsible members of society who know what they want in the future.

If we talk about private or public schools UK, the first is better. Students live among their peers on the territory of the educational institution and have a constant opportunity to improve their knowledge and engage in self-development. In private schools, there are only 10 students per teacher, which means that each of them can easily understand a subject.


In Conclusion

When choosing a school, many factors should be considered. International ratings — an indicator that everyone pays attention to. However, you shouldn’t be guided only by ratings, since many of the most famous schools simply don’t take part in them. So, if you want to evaluate all the pros and cons of your choice — consult with professionals. 

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