List of the top 5 best football camps in the United Kingdom

If your kid is seriously interested in football, then specialized football camps based on the best clubs in England are exactly what will delight him. Kids and students will not only train with the coaches of football academies according to their special methodology but will also receive excellent English practice during such classes.


List of the Best football camps in UK


  • Football Language School in Manchester


The camp combines intensive football lessons and learning English. The whole methodology is based on learning English through football. Also coaches regularly hold theoretical classes. Kids and students learn the intricacies of playing football and learning English in these lessons. Training is conducted by coaches of the Manchester City Academy. Their coaching category is the highest UEFA PRO. Also, most of them have more than ten years of coaching experience.


  • ACCORD ISS Moira House summer school


It is located in a quiet, picturesque area of Eastbourne on the south coast of Great Britain, offers unique opportunities for language learning and summer holidays. This school offers unique opportunities for learning English and spending the summer holidays. ACCORD ISS Moira House summer school offers 15 hours a week of learning English at any of 6 levels from beginner to advanced. Kids can choose an “Intensive English Program”. Young football fans will be especially delighted because the summer camp at Moira House offers a football training course with coaches of the eminent French club “PSG”.


  • Caterham School


This is a prestigious private school in Great Britain, which was founded in 1811. Located in Surrey, just an hour’s drive from London and Heathrow Airport. At the same time, it is about 20 minutes by car from Gatwick Airport. This school is located in a picturesque valley separated from the city by the North Downs Hills. An “English Football” program is being held jointly with the Chelsea FC Foundation. It includes 15 hours of English with school teachers and 15 hours of football training and seminars with qualified football trainers. Students devote training under the guidance of experienced coaches of the “Chelsea” football club in the morning. English lessons are held after lunch.


  • Emerald Cultural Institute


This institute organizes “English plus football” the summer camp every summer. It is very popular among kids who are fond of football. English morning lessons and afternoon football lessons under the guidance of experienced “A.C. Milan” club coaches will make your stay in Ireland as intense as possible. The main goal of the football course is to help kids to improve their technical and tactical skills in playing football. Among the other things, passes and catching the ball, dribbling and control of the ball, attacks and shots on goal, playing the goalkeeper position and defence are practised. Also work to improve the skills of team play, which is so important in football is being done.


  • Cavendish School of English


This is one of the best linguistic schools, which was founded in 1983 in Great Britain. Kids will be able to significantly tighten their knowledge of English in this school. And if your kid cannot imagine his life without football and loves outdoor activities and sports, then the “Football Camp” program is what he needs! The program combines not only English lessons and constant practice of speech, but also intense training with professional coaches of “Poole Town” FC!

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