The most popular basketball camps for kids in Great Britain

Summer is a time of opportunity. You can have a good rest, tighten your English and have an active time at summer basketball camps in UK. Before making a choice, you need to carefully study their programs and specializations.


List of the Best Basketball Camps in UK


  • Oundle School Summer Camp


This camp offers high-quality organization of kids’ and students’ recreation. There are several programs to choose from:

  • English + sports coaching (football, field hockey, basketball, horse riding, tennis);
  • English + dance;
  • Intensive sports coaching — classes in two different sports for 3 hours a day: football, horse riding, tennis, field hockey, basketball;
  • Intensive sports coaching (6 hours a day) in football and golf.

The main program of the Oundle School Summer Camp is designed for 3 hours of basketball playing every day from Monday to Friday inclusive. There is an opportunity to study English in the afternoon for 3 hours for those who need to improve it. Those who do not have problems with English are involved in football, field hockey, tennis, horse riding or dancing. Oundle School Summer Camp has a caring, fun, friendly and safe atmosphere. Since this is a camp with residence, the entire staff also lives in campus with the kids.


  • Basketball camp in York


It was founded by a large Swiss company specializing in kids’ recreation. Her first camps opened their doors back in 1972 and since that time the popularity of the camps of this corporation has only grown. From year to year, children from all over the world come here to improve their language skills and spend their holidays brightly, interestingly and unforgettably. Nowadays, the corporation runs the camps not only in Switzerland but also in Austria, France, Great Britain, Canada and China.

More than 30 leisure programs for kids and adolescents from 7 to 18 years old have been developed and tested. Corporation camps have already received more than 200`000 kids from around the world. The key to success in the camp is the motto — “Knowledge with joy and interest!”. Such a philosophy is a guarantee that the summer, spent here will be useful, bright and unforgettable.


  • Kilgraston Summer School


It is located in the close vicinity of the major cities of Scotland — Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as next to the stunning mountains, rivers and coastline. Camp administration will be happy to organize summer programs for kids from 8 to 17 years old. In total, no more than 62 children can study at school. Classes are grouped by language level, as well as by age. Kids go in for various kind of sports: basketball, the game of bouncers, rugby, football, swimming, field hockey and much more. Different options of sports training are offered every day. Participants of this camp discover the surroundings of Scotland, visit museums and attractions in Edinburgh, etc.

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